It is so special when a family opens up their home, welcomes me in,  and lets me capture their everyday life with their newborn. Being a mom, I know how important it is to catch the important moments of our fast growing kids.

And while it maybe nice to have the sears portrait of your one year old all dressed up in a fancy outfit, I think that the expression on his face when he gets in the bath or the way he looks at his dad when they’re playing will bring more memories back to you fifty years from now. And I want to preserve those memories, for myself and for my clients.

Baby Sydney couldn’t take his eyes of the camera, which was great for me! I had so much fun photographing his amazing blue eyes, what a cutie!

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There are so many fantastic photographers in this area, I realize that. I look up to many and have much respect for them.  This year has been an interesting year of reflecting for me – attending conferences, learning, absorbing and ultimately figuring out what makes me special and unique in my craft. Honestly, sometimes I would browse through a blog and really think “This photographer is out of this world! I could never be as good!” Stupid, I know, but I can’t help it.

After shooting Matt and Vanessa’s wedding I received an message from Vanessa saying that she didn’t feel like I was a photographer hanging around all day, but it was like spending a day with an old friend – which means the world to me coming from a bride. I want my clients to enjoy the experience, enjoy having me around, and enjoy being photographed on whatever occasion it is.

Thanks guys for the fun day and Matt for being in the best funniest mood for the photos after! It was hot, but well worth it! Here are my favourites from the day and you really really should check out their  slideshow here!

Vanessa looked absolutely stunning in her dress, it was elegant and simple. And if you watch “say yes to the dress” – they would say it was MADE for her!

Her brother was the “man of honor” – it was really touching. Clearly, they are amazing friends.

Matt was in the best mood all day, he just kept saying “best day of my life!”

He makes her laugh, hard.

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I haven’t posted much of Hudson or any of our summer photos really. It’s hard to find a spare moment to post those when I’m just trying desperately to keep up with the wedding season. But I couldn’t miss this weekend’s pictures.

We took off for a few days and drove out to Point Stanley where we took an little old train around the town (since Hudson is obsessed with Thomas the Train these days), strolled the beach and then headed off to London to check out Storybook Gardens. Hudso loved everything. And the last two photos show exactly how much energy he had left at about 7 pm on Sunday evening.

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Just a little over a year ago I met these two lovebirds in Amherstburg for their engagement session. Just before leaving the house I realized I forgot Natalie’s fiance’ name. So, as anyone this day and age would do, I logged onto facebook and starting looking through her pictures. I found a picture of Natalie and a guy, who seemed like a great fit for a fiance, his name was Nate. “Nate, Nate, Nate” – I drilled it in my head and was on my way.

Well, I got the wrong picture, the wrong guy – It was Chris. But I memorized the name so much that I couldn’t reprogram – the whole night. This is what the night was like:

Me:  Nate, Put your arm here

Chris: (laughing) it’s Chris

Me: Right! Ok, Kiss her on the cheek Nate.

Seriously! I kept calling him Nate the whole time! Lucky they were good sports, had fun with it and laughed it off! Thanks guys for seeing past my name memorizing skills!

Here’s a sneak peak of their wedding day yesterday, more to come!

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This morning I woke up and my legs always almost gave in. Every time I do a wedding, my thighs are on fire the day after. The wedding day is like a workout for me – running around, squatting, getting up, running around some more!

So, yesterday was a really fun day! After being together for nine years, highschool sweet hearts Vanessa and Matt tied the knot! Gorgeous day, gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding = lots of work for me for the next week! Here’s a fun one from yesterday…

Congrats guys! Have a great time in Hawaii!

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