Just a little over a year ago I met these two lovebirds in Amherstburg for their engagement session. Just before leaving the house I realized I forgot Natalie’s fiance’ name. So, as anyone this day and age would do, I logged onto facebook and starting looking through her pictures. I found a picture of Natalie and a guy, who seemed like a great fit for a fiance, his name was Nate. “Nate, Nate, Nate” – I drilled it in my head and was on my way.

Well, I got the wrong picture, the wrong guy – It was Chris. But I memorized the name so much that I couldn’t reprogram – the whole night. This is what the night was like:

Me:  Nate, Put your arm here

Chris: (laughing) it’s Chris

Me: Right! Ok, Kiss her on the cheek Nate.

Seriously! I kept calling him Nate the whole time! Lucky they were good sports, had fun with it and laughed it off! Thanks guys for seeing past my name memorizing skills!

Here’s a sneak peak of their wedding day yesterday, more to come!

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This morning I woke up and my legs always almost gave in. Every time I do a wedding, my thighs are on fire the day after. The wedding day is like a workout for me – running around, squatting, getting up, running around some more!

So, yesterday was a really fun day! After being together for nine years, highschool sweet hearts Vanessa and Matt tied the knot! Gorgeous day, gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding = lots of work for me for the next week! Here’s a fun one from yesterday…

Congrats guys! Have a great time in Hawaii!

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A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to photograph Jake and Laura’s wedding at Sprucewood Shores in Harrow. And it really was a lovely wedding.  When I met Laura on the morning of her wedding day, she was composed, relaxed and calm. In fact, she stayed like that the whole day, ready to marry her best friend! Jake and Laura were friends for a long time before they started dating, so they really are the best of friends and you can see how much fun they have when they’re together!

I have so many favourites from the day, so prepare, it’s a long one! And if you have a few minutes, check out their slideshow!

Ok, so this photo is really special – it truly reflects the relationship between these two.  Paulina is Jake’s sister and Laura and her have been friends for years. I loved watching them through out the day, they share quite the bond. And now, they’re sisters!

Laura is really big on details – that’s why the wedding was full of unique little touches. They used a vintage typewriter for their guestbook and for favours they made a soundtrack of their wedding music – so cute!

These just put a smile on my face. While the other girls (me including) were freaking out about getting champagne on themselves, Paulina got the job done. Notice the cork flying in the right picture!

Laura walked down to “Dream” by Priscilla Ahn – a perfect choice. Jake got really emotional as she came down. I must admit, this is one of my favourite moments in any wedding – it never gets old. One of the most real and happiest moments of every wedding.

Laura is an amazing baker! She baked all these two night before the wedding and were they ever scrumptious!

Congrats guys! Can’t wait to hear about all your Italy adventures!

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I remember the feeling – you literally feel like you’re about to burst. You can’t see your feet when you look down and any basic task makes you feel out of breath. That was me at the end of my pregnancy with Hudson. I was ready – and it didn’t help that I went 14 days over due. Yeah.

But ask Aggie how she’s feeling, and she just answers “Great!” with a smile, and it’s because she really is doing great – and enjoying every minute of her soon to be over pregnancy. She’s positive and glowing in her last few weeks – or days.  Her and Jon have tried for a long time to start a family, so it’s a very special time for them. You can just tell how amazing of parents they’re going to be and how much they can’t wait to meet their little “peanut” – as they refer to him/her.

Thanks guys for braving the vicious bugs for this! I loved capturing this time in your life!

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Hudson loves bathtime. He loves water. So when seeing the beach for the first time this year, he was amused and intrigued. He stood there just looking at the water, occasionally trying to throw a rock in. We’re going to have some good times at the beach this year, can’t wait.

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