After the busy wedding on Saturday,  it was nice to just sit and relax at Laura’s bridal shower. Laura is marrying Jake at the end of the month and I can’t wait to photograph their special day. Laura is gorgeous, with an infectious laugh and a beautiful smile and Jake loves posing for pictures – HELLO! The day is going to be awesome! I know most of the bridesmaids, which makes it even better – those girls are a blast to be with!

I’m not a videographer by any means, so forgive the shake in this little video, I just wanted to play around.


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This has been on my to-do-list for a while now, and I finally did it! Lots of long nights were spent talking to “godaddy”  friends, while I sounded ridiculous trying to understand the language of servers, hosts, and databases.

Anyways, this is it, my first blog post and what better way to jump start this thing than with some wedding photos. Not just any wedding photos, but my long time amazing friend Heath’s wedding photos. This past Saturday,  she walked down the isle looking like Cinderella and married Jeph, an old friend also, who is just perfect for her. I was lucky enough to stand beside her on this special day. What an honor.

The day started out looking gloomy, but no lie, when Heath stepped outside to leave for the church, the sun came through and stayed out the whole day. Amazing. The whole day was just that – amazing.  I have no photos of the ceremony, since I was standing up with Heath, so there’s quite a gap in the story. Just to fill you in though, Jeph got quite emotional as she walked down the isle.

Beautiful tulip bouquets that us bridesmaids held. The colors looked amazing with the coral and green dresses.  Heath really pulled off the color schemes well, everything from the flowers to our necklaces flowed together.

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

Holl had the duty of keeping Heath cool in her very warm bedroom. Aren’t her eyes just striking?

The thing about Heath is that she has a song for every moment and every event in her life. Music is vital to her and it’s very much a part of who she is.

She carries her ipod and speakers with her wherever she goes. And be prepared, because when you’re with her, she might just bust out her moves, even in the middle of the grocery store. Here she walked down the stairs to “Kiss Me” – a very special moment for her parents.

I just love the way Jeph looks at Heath: admiring. So in love.

On a side note, I’d like you to picture me here. Wearing 4 inch heels, my fancy dress and trecking through the mud, weeds, and bushes. Yeah. You owe me Heath!

I’m so happy we got these last few shots. Heath was working the dress. Can’t you just feel how happy she is? Absolutely on cloud nine!

The day was full of emotion, laughter, love and just plain happiness. Happiness of two people who have found each other and can’t wait to start their journey together!

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